Uusi Retro Love Warriors Naisten Shell necklace S g04wxa66 Korut Valkoinen/Ruskea

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Love Warriors Naisten Shell necklace S Valkoinen/Ruskea Korut

For us, using shells as adornment is timelessly beautiful. We love creating these pieces, in collaboration with our lovely artisans, after our sketches; sitting together, picking out string, - & the most beautiful shells. We always laugh over how those lovely guys want to_make everything shiny for us and how we really like it_mat. Naturally & simply beautiful in one way, - but_certainly with attention to detail in the other._Just the way we love it. The combination. And combine it? We do that with everything when it comes to these, as those understated but meticulously made beauties goes with pretty much everything in our_wardrobe and are always commented, complimented & asked_about on_when worn. LW design, made of mat shells, handmade LW logo of bone.
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